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Bumper Stickers: Rear Window Into The Soul

I dunno who said, "Eyes Are The Window Into The Soul." It was like Jesus, Shakespeare or Leonardo Di Vinci, maybe Leonardo Di Caprio, somebody important.  Anyway, that person was never stuck on La Cienega for 20 minutes waiting for the light to change while some d-bag in a Porsche pouted on his cell phone about blowing out his $500 tire.  Because if he was, he would know what I...


Where you been, bumper sticker? Part One

Remember the days when there were real bumpers?  Like the kind of black, rubbery material that allowed a girl (or a boy) to nudge their way into a tight parking situation without requiring an apology note on the windshield– go ahead, judge, but I was in my 20s and wasn’t sure who was watching. But back in those days, when people had bumpers, they also...


Where you been, bumper sticker? Part Two

Welcome back. OK, Now to #3. Yeah, it’s another hippie one.  It was especially good because it was on the back of a Winnebago parked in front of the West Hollywood book store Bodhi Tree: According to this blog, Non-Judgement Day is a little further away, but that’s just a minor detail. #2 was spotted on the back of the Scion and expresses so beautifully...